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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Hella Montana: Missoula

I flew to Montana at the butt crack of dawn after 2 hours of sleep to see my wondrous bestest friend Sydney.
I never know who is going to pick me up at the airport.  Really, if she showed up in plain clothes I probably wouldn't get in the car with her. 
In California we only know Moose Drool by Big Sky which is super dark and intense.  I am more of a Pilsner girl and it was nice to sample their lighter Lagers and Pilsners.  Yum.  You can just walk in here and get up to five "tastes" for free.  They don't sell any beer, just free tastings.  

This is Felix, Syd's kid and he was mostly sitting like this during our trip.  He got free shit everywhere we went because he is so dang cute and polite.
Thugtober in MT
We got to hang out with Neil and Holly who just moved there from Nevada City and Syd took us to the Dead Hipster dance party at a monstrous bar.  It was pretty packed with college kids and there was a lot of dry humping.  
We ended up going across the street to a GAY BAR.  I was pretty stoked to know that Missoula had a gay bar.  This cowboy at the counter gave us some jello shots and we went to dance.  The most amazing thing happened.  Vogue, by Madonna came on and Syd and I locked eyes and launched into our choreographed jazz dance routine from 8th grade.  Best night.  That's why it is fun knowing people from when you were a kid.  There is so much to reference.  So many stories and fun to relive. 

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