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Monday, October 26, 2009

Films: Dario Argento's Phenomena

Alexa and I went to see a screening of Dario Argento's Phenomena by Movies on a Big Screen last night at The Guild Theatre. It stars Jennifer Connelly when she was 14 or 15. She is really lovely and really placid during the entire movie. I loved the soundtrack, which included a Motorhead song.
Georgio Armani did the costumes and although I've never loved his look, I loved his take on the pale brunette horror movie protagonist in all white. She wore an oversized white blouse with the sleeves rolled up to the elbows unbuttoned at the top with a long white tie. The shirt was tucked into a high waisted white full skirt with a drop waist. She was wearing little white ankle socks with what appeared to be black jazz shoes. Super cute.
They think she is going crazy because she sleepwalks.
The headmistress was really sexy. Total 80's secretary vamp. Little fitted blouses with puff sleeves tucked into pencil skirts. Her hair is swept up and her make-up is toned down Robert Palmer girl style with big round gold earrings. She's a bitch! Super sexy.
One of the girls in the class is wearing the ultimate Bee Gees tee. This photo was taken with an iphone between frames so there are two of her. Creepy.
It finally got nice and gory at the end when Jennifer, that is then name of Jennifer Connelly's character, fell in a pool of dead bodies and writhed around a bit.

I really can't believe the ending. I won't spoil it all but I will say that a gruesome child attacks Jennifer and then she calls a swarm of flies to eat him. Um . . . truly madly Argento.

Here's a YouTube video with the Goblin song

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  1. That movie is incredible. The little, evil child at the end.... priceless! I'm so happy you guys got to see it on the big screen, but very jealous I wasn't there with you.