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Sunday, October 18, 2009

Trisha and Erica's Excellent Adventure

Adam's wedding = Grand Champion.

The flower girl wants to get closer to the horseees and llamas!

Then walk down the isle with her daddy.

Adam and Erica.

Erica scored this heart black leather vintage purse at the crossroads
on Ventura about an hour before the wedding ($8, dang.)
Remind me to drink more cucumber water.
My best friend, Erica.
This wedding had great music.

I wish everyone danced like this four year old.

Mr. and Mrs. Adam Miller.

Polaroid cameras at every table!!!


the sexy photographer about to give a tequila toast to all the 916ers.

Best Weekend EVER!!!

So perfect. Best shopping partner.
Best clothes. Great weather.
Beautiful Wedding. Fun people. Dancing, laughing, outside. swings.
grass.little girls dancing in dresses. cakes and cigarettes. good music.
Erica and I tore it up.
Hit up our favorite vintage spots in hollywood, scored some amazing pieces.
Surely you will see them soon in the upcoming photo shoots.
Decent food and beer was had around town,
but my Most Thrilling moment came as we were walking to meet friends for dinner at
a place called Golden State. Starving from a long hard day of shopping ( seriously got up a 7am because I was too excited to sleep, I had not been shopping in like two weeks !! and we shopped from 11-7pm) ...thinking about what beer I would have for dinner, I looked to my left and my eyes opened Wide. Magic. Eyes wider, Big Smile. The walls are Covered ceiling to floor in Fantastic Paintings. I start snapping photos before I could think. didnt want to get in trouble, so i turned and looked into the gallery. A man. The man was sitting at a desk in front of a huge canvas covered in creepy smiling singing faces..I think he saw the huge smile on my face and the Amazement in my eyes and knew we shared ......anyway, I we talked, and hugged and god, i need to get back there....


This man. uuuuh. god. i need to know so much more about him before i gush, but i want you to know how overwhelmingly excited i was to be in his space. So warm, so kind, so talented. ..this kind of visual stimulation- the colors, the arrangements on the walls, the faces, seeing him in the faces, just ten much electricity was flying through that room with two people and a dog....i need more....i have a big ass crush. (god, do you hear this lust? i feel insane when i think about being in that museum of art)

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