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Friday, November 27, 2009

All Mine

I moved into a new place. It's all mine.
Big windows, light and open.
Filling up with all things Trisha.

Sunshine Pouring In.
Maybe I can get a winter tan drawing
in front of the windows.

I am trying to Avoid getting INTERNET
in hopes
that I will create more art.
I was tired and over moving yesterday afternoon,
so I sat down at a nice big clean table
that was generously given to me
by Kristine. (Thank you!!!)

I drew about my Place-City-Home obsession.

These pieces are from an inspiration session
for the next PT collaboration.

Not having tons of furniture right now and open
space allowed for rolling around and laying
on the floor.

Almost all movers make a trip or five
to Ikea.
I ate meatballs for Thanksgiving.

This is an amazing painting not by me.
You can come see it anytime at 17th and P.

Little Bitty Kitchen.
Prolly ganna fill it with art and sewing supplies.
Maybe a few beer glasses.
No microwave.

Look at those Pretty Leaves.
Ahhh. yea.

At some point, my place was a

Come visit!!!
(No TV, No Internet, No forks)
Art projects and interior decorators welcome.
Love, TJ.

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