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Friday, November 6, 2009

Grapes are Good

THOUSANDS........Chenelle Doutherd......damn.
She got pipes. The perfect balance of soft, gorgeous folk and strong, powerful soul.
We can not wait to see her again...Thousands will play December 10th at the Townhouse.

Drew Walker as "Doofy Doo" !!!
Fun to listen to. Turning nobs, Pushing buttons, making up songs on the spot.
He also played some Teasers from his Freshly burned CD that he was giving out last night.
My favorite was a togetherness tune he played when he realized all his buddies came to show their love and support...He also had some stinky fish taco song, and grapes are good song...
I am trying to decide if the guy loves or hates food.

We tore into some tasty pepper jack cheese.
Seemed to go perfectly with our tasty Rosemary Triscuits
and Red Stripe. Beer. yum.

That little guy was just hanging out all alone...

Erica!!!!!! ahahahhaha. Hold My Gold did a new photoshoot today, and added
tons of New Gems to the ebay and etsy stores!!!!!!!
get it!!!!!

Thanks to all the Fine People for coming out and supporting local music!!!

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