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Sunday, November 8, 2009

OH DANG went Down

Could last night have been better? NOOOOOOO
That shit was tight! Yay to The Hurricane Crew and Yay to me & Trisha and a big Yay to Rafter for mixing all our def jams all night long.

Sillouette sheets! It is hard not to get real dirty back there. Super sexy time.

Mr. Tucker was our big problem of the night. He was compulsively rocking the ceiling lights.

Trisha got me this Sequin Bustier in LA and I love it. Kept the girls in check all night.

Packed house. Townhouse, we love you!

This is the OH DANG! crew pre-partying

We projected sweet videos on the wall all night for inspiration.

gettin low low low low

Yeah Tommy! Back in the Sac

Our Hero. My Rafter had two laptops and an Ipod in a switcher. We worked so hard on our playlists but without this fine ass man it would not have come together the way it did. Nice work!

Hot. Mama.

Thanks Penning for helping us throw the party!

How we roll.

We created this radical photo snapshot area!

YEAH!! Can I please just say that Kandis and Savannah know the jams. They put together the best playlist for a dance party I have ever been witness too. Them Hurricane girls are so HOT!!!!

I am so gladdddd all the hunnies came out last night and danced the fuck out of the Townhouse. That's why we wanted to do it, so we fine ladies could shake some rump. Ya know!!! If you missed it, don't worry we will do it again!

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  1. OMG olivia, that bustier is AMAZING!
    aww, I miss sac.