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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Trips! Bodega Bay

The gorgeous grassy dunes.

The beach was littered with masses of these veggie sea snakes.

The 5 pounder was not at all afraid of the ocean.

Ruby red and lime green ice plants everywhere.

They conquered the big dune!

Ruthie with all three hounds.

Bodega Bay has one little inlet called Salmon Creek, and that is where my family has always rented cabins. This one above is not a rental but it is totally the coolest design.

This is the cabin we used to stay at when I was a kid. It is 4 stories tall with wrap around balconies on every level. The top floor was our game room and I was a killer at RISK! World domination!!!

I love this little area so much. I remember there used to be an aluminum boat with oars perched here. We would borrow it and float around the cove. The sign in the marsh says Salmon Creek Yacht Club.

Man, we got some killer Fish n Chips here!

I love when places have photos all over the walls.

We drove in to Bodega and of course I found an Antique store where I bought these goodies.

The northern California coastline has pockets of pebbled sand beaches. I love how colorful they are and how they feel on my feet.

I can think about the ocean in a sort of abstract way, and think, "yes the ocean is beautiful and awesome," but that is totally different than standing in front of it. It is impossible for me to remember it as awesome as it actually is and there is a deep sense of awe that just doesn't come from any other place.
I walked outside our cabin to climb a big dune this morning and when I got to the top I could see the ocean just a breath away and I literally scampered down to it. When I got right in front of it I was again struck by its enormity and the howling truth that we are on a planet covered in water that circles a star in the universe. It was nice. It was a quiet and overwhelming thought that wasn't really a thought. Then I ran into the frigid water up to my knees and back up into the dunes.

Happy Birthday, Dad!

The Pomeranian had more fun than anyone.

On our way out of town we got some Salt Water Taffy at Patrick's, just like always.


  1. this is sooo great. love it.

  2. this post made me realize how much you look like your dad which i hadn't really noticed before. cute!

  3. I hear you on your ocean thoughts. It's humbling and reassuring in a way that nothing else is. When I was standing on the shore in Big Sur, I was blown away by being able to see the curve of the Earth. Yay California!

  4. P.S. Please do a quinceanara/masquerade ball theme for NYE!

  5. HOW DID I MISS THIS! That picture of Pomie smiling in the sand is gracing my new desktop!