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Saturday, November 28, 2009

The Zen of Running

This book is amazing.
If you kinda wanna run, but need
a little motivation, this
is it.
I run all the time, but the ones I go on
right after reading this are always the best.

by Fred Rohe 1974.

It's all about Taking it Easy

He calls Running a
Dance of Joy.

His friend Reps says,
"unless it's fun
better left undone."
(My favorite)
remember: we create our worlds
with our minds
so let your mind say
"look, I'm running
and all runners do this beautiful dance, each
stride a leap thru space--ho! what fun!"

"If there's a beach or a park without a lot of broken glass, do your run barefoot,
this gives you a foot message which stimulates all the nerve reflex points in the soles of
your feet, which in turn stimulate all the organs of your body, by being barefoot
you also get grounded, this direct contact with
Great Mother Earth
meaning that electrical equilibrium is established between you and the planet."

"don't overdo it.
underdo it.
you aren't running because
you're in a hurry to get somewhere"

"it's your choice of whether
to run to punish your self
or to experience your self.
if you choose, with me, the latter,
then every run can be joyful
they key words are,
Take it easy!!
create your self as a runner
gradually, patiently, relaxedly."


  1. oh i really need to look at this. i always 'think' about running but cant make it out the door. also he's kinda foxy

  2. This is great! Maybe this will spur me to take a run outside rather than on the treadmill.