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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Hella Montana: Yellowstone and home again

This old guy and Syd talked park service shop upon entrance to Yellowstone.

There's Old Faithful blowing his wad. There were literally 200+ people waiting for him to go off. It was pretty exciting when it finally happened. My dad called me as we were waiting and told me that when he was twelve he went on a roadtrip with his Uncle Carl and they stood just where I was looking at Old Faithful. It was fun thinking of him at twelve and their fun trip together.

So bright. So terribly bright.

There are paths all around Old Faithful where you can witness all the gorgeous looking and stinky smelling geo-thermal activity. Don't they look like aerial photos?

Thank god I found these black suede boots before I left. It was so chilly and these boots were comfy and warm.

I just love these shapes and colors.

This was priceless. Yellowstone is PACKED with tourists. This big fella decided to saunter down the MIDDLE of the road blocking traffic for miles.
He had a decidedly "Fuck you" attitude toward the long line of cars behind him, that measured about 35 deep.

Yellowstone is HUGE. Forests, canyons, rivers.

We picked up some sweet tapes on the road.

As we neared the the North exit of the park we saw about twenty Elk just chillin on a lawn.

For Syd's Birthday we met up with Chris Bacon and some buddies at Chico Hot Springs.

Among her myriad gifts she received this sick gold poofy jacket.

We found some abandoned heels out front and they perched on the Elk in the Lounge for about 12 hours.

This is a pretty typical Montana bar. Wood siding, skulls, taxidermy.

Got these beauties at the Montana State Prison Art, Craft & Hobby store.
The hot springs were the perfect temperature. Big Hot pool and smaller Super Hot pool. It was totally different than the nudie hippy hot springs I'm used to in California. It was a "family destination" and I am not saying that in a good way. The night before it was a third children under the age of ten screaming splashing and terrorizing, a third teenagers rubbing up on each other in the deep end and the other third were old chumps. We still had a total blast. It felt so good we couldn't get out of the water! And it was really fun playing with Felix in the water.
Bef Freh
The next morning we headed back to Missoula and the boys conked out.
This is the first snow I have seen in years.

We decided to stop in a small town to look for thrift stores. We didn't find any, but we did find this one giant store with the most bizarre assortmento of merchandise I have ever seen.

Seriously wanted to take this little guy home with me, but he was $400

There was an entire room the size of my house with just pelts and antlers, seriously. Entire wolves hanging from hooks and stacks of Elk pelts as tall as me.
There were hundreds of toys from the eighties and nineties still in their packages.
This nail polish was so old it was all seperated and clumpy.
There was an entire room filled with fake flowers.
clown room. All his stuff was junk. Really it was like he should have paid someone to take it to the dump, but he wanted so much money for everything in there. I picked some things out and then haggled with him over prices and he said he hates when people do that and they do it all the time. When we left I noticed the name of the store was, "Just a Dollar". Huh, maybe that's why, dude.
Montana is: Amazing murals
and abandoned store fronts.
This rad divorce mug was not "just a dollar".
I love how the earth was made.
I got this poofy down jacket from the 70's from Zac Nelson, and it was filthy! Popped it in the wash and it came out beautifully. Yes!

We headed to Hamilton to see Syd's mom, Elizabeth, on our way home. This woman has been my style icon since I was nine.
She lives with her husband Skip in a real log cabin. It is such a rad place!
She is also the owner of the biggest cat I have ever seen! Ambrose is a Maine Coon and he was 23 lbs!
She backed us a super yummy Happy Birthday Apple Pie.
We got back to Missoula late that night, crashed out and at the crack of dawn I slipped onto my plane to come home.
I love crop grids.
Got my sweet Pomlet
and my wonderful husband to pick me up from the airport. What a great trip. It is not always that you click with someone as a kid and keep that relationship tight and strong throughout your life. Syd and I are in our thirties now and we have even more fun than when we were kids. Best friends for life!!

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