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Wednesday, September 2, 2009

The River's Edge

This was not the most amazing movie I have ever seen, but I love it. I just watched it again after a million years and the thing that struck me the most was the bizarre and awesome style of these kids. They are the most amazing mix of burn-out/ hippie/ pre-grunge/ post punk/ metal hesher characters I have ever seen and I am obsessed with them. I tried to look up some images online but there was only a wimpy smattering of them. Just the dudes and none of Ione Skye, who is the most ultimate babe in this flick. I love her hair: side bangs in face, over sized boy button up with giant flannel and pegged jeans with Keds. She is so beautiful.

Keanu Reeves is also in this and I am convinced that I would pay $100 dollars for his tye dye tee. It is in lavender and violet and is so delicate. He is wearing it under a leather jacket with a jean jacket with the sleeves cut off on top, over the leather jacket. The wierdest thing is the jean jacket has a misfits type skeleton on the back with a peace sign drawn crudely over it. WTF? What kind of wierd peace hippie rocks a jacket like this? They are all assholes like they should be tweekers but no, they smoke joints compulsively throughout the movie. I guess they are kind of like The Lost Boys style. Just burnouts.

Krispin Glover plays this hilarious vigilante with a beanie and mullet and tight everything with black leather gloves with the fingers cut off. I love Krispin, really, but he really gnaws on me here.

Every male character is wearing an Iron Maiden, Judas Priest or Def Leopard tee under denim and most of the characters have one dangly silver earring.

It was made in 1986 and according to IMDB the plot is as follows: "A high school slacker kills his girlfriend and shows off her dead body to their friends. However, the friends' reaction is almost as ambiguous and perplexing as the crime itself." It is based on a true story from a crime in Benecia, Ca. Anyhoo, like I said, it is totally over acted, but the style is killing me. Killing me!


  1. Sonya just told me it was filmed right here in Sacramento!

  2. I remember when this was being filmed. My backyard was the American River near Howe, and we heard they were filming a movie down there. My friend and I rode our bikes up the trail as far as Rio Americano, but we couldn't find where they were filming. That must've been a crazy time to film down there, since that was the winter the river got so high they evacuated everyone who lived along the levies.

    This film reminds me of being on the cusp of pre-teen years, riding my bike in the rain that winter to see if I could bump into some of the cool, older kids who hung out down by the river.