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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Fort Bragg: Magical Weekend

I have over-planned so many weekends and ruined them. This weekend absolutely fell together without any effort and was the least expensive and funnest, free-flowing-est weekend I have ever had. I had the most magical weekend in Fort Bragg. My friends Al & Malinda invited me to go to their wedding and Rafter was supposed to go with me, but got really busy what with the moped races and our rally coming up and he only wanted to go for the day, but I had the entire 3 day Labor day weekend off and really wanted to Camp!! This has been a Camping Summer! and I love it. Siobhan was off too and was able to join me. Pretty drive, nice weather, beautiful wedding. Kristin Cofer was the photographer for the wedding so we got to stay with her in her bed n breakfast. We got to go have breakfast in Mendocino the next morning, but couldn't find a campsite. At the bbq Sunday afternoon to send off the married couple, Al's mom offered to share her campsite with us. Such a RAD lady. She sat around the campfire and told us that although now she is solitary she raised Al while in several covenants of witches. Hence the broom in the ceremony. Siobhan and I ran all around the ocean and it goosed us so we stripped and jumped in. So cold and exhilarating. The next day we found some rad Flea Markets and Yard Sales and of course Bro Trucks. They are rampant in Northern California!
I took a million photos and you can view them here if you wish.


  1. Aww, they evenhave bro trucks for their babies on the N. Coast!


  2. Great camera work! I just stumbled across this while checking out "Heckasac". There I was looking at pics of my daughters wedding. Jackie and I loved your shop.
    Cary (One of Malinda's Dads)