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Sunday, September 20, 2009

Lady Godiva: Take One!

Right now I have this ridiculously long hippie hair and Kristin and I have been trying to schedule a nudie shoot where my hair covers me up Lady Godiva style.  I hate that there is any problem with nudity on the internet because I would post all of them, but the nip slips are a plenty.  We will have to play with them a little first.  Anyhoo, I was stoked that my Luxury Cat Boo-nay-nay was down to pose with me.  In the first one I am wearing this amazing Vintage Elephant necklace that my mother got me in an antique store in Placerville.  I think it is real ivory.  The ears, husks and chunky chain are gold.  I also have on my two Giant Citrine engagement rings and a big gold cuff that Meghan lent me.  Her Aunt was a jewelry designer in the 80's and she made these bejeweled cuffs with enormous hunks of Jade all over them.  In the last one I am wearing one of my biggest scores ever:  A vintage Christian Dior gold chain, tiered tassle belt.  Love it!  The necklace and the belt look sort of ludicrous over clothing and I have been waiting for this shoot to wear them.  Yay!  If anyone ever feels less than a perfect ten, just let Kristin Cofer take your clothes off and pose you.  Seriously.  She is amazing.  I wish I had photos like this of every one of my beautiful friends.  Do it!   


  1. SO lovely!!! And I agree. Everyone should have their moment in front of Kristin's lens.

  2. oh olivia !!
    these are so beautiful!!

  3. Daaaaaaamn! You are beyond gorgeous.

  4. Lady, you are so beautiful. Thanks for sharing. And I have to say, your hair has made me think about growing mine longer again! Maybe not that long...I don't think I've seen your hair so long since I very first met you.

  5. You should just wear your kitty all the time. Best outfit ever!
    p.s.-looks like the martinis are working.

  6. you are such an ultimate mermaid babe!!!