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Tuesday, September 8, 2009

California State Fair, I love you.

The California State Fair just ended. In a haze of fried delicacies, bad tattoos, bad hair, bad come ons, Hillbillies, Gangsters, and their entire extended families, cruising over the asphalt on the hot summer nights, there was us. I honestly believe that we had the most fun out of anyone there. If you didn't know already, Shaun Slaughter is the ultimate authority on the state fair. The first time we went he clued us on to the little known fact that you can spend $5 on a tiny plastic cup of beer or $15 on an entire bottle of wine, that you can then proceed to carry around the fairgrounds like a wino. Well that was great. We got wristbands and rode about 17 rides back to back. Then ate the Zucchini Weenie, a funnel cake and called it a day. Major highlight was that my girl Alison made it out for her birthday from New York City, AGAIN! Best tradition ever!

The 2nd time we went to see MC Hammer. Did I say MC Hammer? Yes, I did. As an added lure they advertised that if you wore hammer pants you could get in to the Fair for FREE. I think there were about ten of us that rolled in. Even Richard & Corine were able to leave Orson for a minute and join us. I have to scan all the ridiculous photo booth photos. They are about half the reason I even go. This has been such a FUN summer. Just what I needed! I ache for it all year and I am not ready to have it end. At all.

I posted all of MY FAIR PHOTOS on flickr
but here are a few gems

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