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Monday, September 28, 2009

Jams: Punks Eat Hot Wings

My much missed friend and fav artist Jay Howell surprised me on Friday night when he waltzed into Bows and Arrows as I was closing. He's got an awesome blog called Punks git Cut. We went and had a beer and hot wings with his buddy and Vonay-nay. Fun! Dani and Lindsay met us at my porch where we tore through some booze before walking down to Townhouse to see The Mayyors and !!!. Fun show. I keep forgetting to eat a proper meal before I go out and totally peeled off after the bands to rummage in my fridge. What a fun night!

Jay and I had a very preliminary talk about Bows and Arrows doing POP UP sales at the gallery Jay curates in San Francisco, 111 Minna. Fuck yeah! That's all I have to say about that. You San Franciscans want a bite outta our stock, for like a third of what you're used to paying? I know you do!!


  1. Love you and your networking!

  2. love Howell's blog. Love the art he gave Amy that hangs by my front door; makes me laugh every time:

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